How Long Should a Graduate School Statement of Purpose (SOP) be?

Many prospective graduate school students fret over the length of their statement of purpose (SOP). Sometimes, graduate programs do not have specific guidelines for how long an applicant’s SOP should be. Information about the SOP is commonly found on the grad program’s website, such as on the applicant information page, the FAQ, or in aContinue reading “How Long Should a Graduate School Statement of Purpose (SOP) be?”

14 Tips to Revise Your Academic Paper

Over the last few weeks, I’ve covered how to structure and style academic papers, as well as how to write in-text citations and bibliographies in academic papers. This week, I’m covering how to revise or proofread your academic paper. I have 14 tips to offer you from my own writing and editing experience.  TIP 1:Continue reading “14 Tips to Revise Your Academic Paper”

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