How to prepare for graduate school

Below is a list of items that you may want to think about before applying to grad school or after you’ve been accepted into grad school.

  • Get in contact with former or current students in your program and ask them about their experiences
  • Read online forums about your new city, campus life, cultural events, etc.
  • Decide what neighborhood(s) you want to live in and when you want to move
  • Purchase course materials and general school supplies, like pens, paper, folders, etc.
  • Save monies
    • For the cost of moving, especially if you’re moving across country or internationally
    • For the cost of tuition and student fees
    • For  living costs in the city you’re moving to
    • For big and small items you will have to purchase once you move, like a bed, couch, kitchenware, etc.
  • Closer to the start of your program, you can email professors ahead of time for a copy or draft of their syllabus, if you want to buy your course material or even start reading course material ahead of time

If there’s anything that you’ve done or would do, please let me know in the comments!

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