How to write about your research interests in your graduate school statement of purpose (SOP)

Below I’ve created a list of points that may help you when writing about your past or current research interests, as well as the research topics you wish to pursue in graduate school.

Past or current research:

  • The full title of your research paper(s)
  • The grade you received (if you’re proud of your grade)
  • The degree you wrote it for, if you did a double major in undergrad
  • The name of supervisor(s) and/or professor(s)
  • The name of the class you wrote the paper in, if applicable
  • The thesis or central argument of your paper(s)
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Future research interests:

  • What new avenue(s) you want to explore from your previous research projects and why
  • What questions you ask yourself since you conducted your previous research
  • What aspects of your research interest(s) are understudied, and that you want to fill
  • What new methodological and/or theoretical approach you want to take
  • What professors you’d like to work with

Let me know in the comments if there’s anything I’ve missed!

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